Our Mission

We seek to improve the lives of our members while making a positive and innovative impact on the community and surrounding businesses, and maintaining the cultural integrity of the neighborhood.

Proposed Location

La Corona Wellness Center is a proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary, located at 3326 Mission St., on the border of Bernal Heights and The Mission. The site is currently occupied by the Coronitas Bar & Grill, a long-time neighborhood gathering spot.

Projected Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 10AM-7PM

Sunday: 12PM-6PM

Products and Services

We will provide our patients with a diverse selection of carefully cultivated and manufactured lab-tested cannabis products. We plan to offer strains and extracts with a high percentage of CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, which are known to support wellness and recovery from a range of disabling conditions, such as PTSD, certain seizure disorders, AIDS-related wasting syndrome, anxiety, and others.

To help patients responsibly incorporate our products into an effective personal care regimen, we will also offer orientation sessions on their safe use and ongoing symptom-specific support.

Community Impact

We intend to positively impact our community through specific programs and initiatives, which will include:

  • Providing job opportunities for local residents, who will be supported through culturally sensitive recruiting outreach, industry orientation classes, and on-boarding support.
  • Significantly increasing foot traffic on a commercial block that has been severely affected by the fire in June of 2016
  • On-going support of community nonprofits, with an emphasis on organizations that provide services to neighborhood youth, address debilitating health conditions, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS, or serve as an emergency safety net resource to low income families. We are committed to donating a minimum of $50,000 annually.

Leadership Team

Jorge Esparza, Co-Founder

Jorge was born in Mexico, and has lived in the Mission District of San Francisco since 1973.  He attended school in the city, graduated from Mission High, and then attended the City College of San Francisco.  At the age of 23 in 1983, Jorge started his first business, “Always & Forever”, a retail vintage clothing store in Noe Valley.  He successfully operated this business for ten years.  In November of 1990, Jorge opened Coronitas Bar & Grill and still operates the business to this day.

Jorge has always been involved with the local community, and has served on various neighborhood associations.

Brian Mitchell, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Brian Mitchell has spent over a decade serving as both a business leader and medical marijuana advocate.

While attending school at UC Davis, Brian was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21.  At the time Brian was presented with several different treatment options, which would have caused him to have to withdraw from school and not work during the duration of the treatment.  As a wholly self-supporting student, he knew these were not practical.

After considerable research, Brian decided to take a different, holistic approach to recovery which included the use of cannabis.  He eventually regained his health, and has been an advocate for medical cannabis ever since.

Brian is a co-founder of Happy Valley Farms, located in Humboldt County, CA. HVF owns and operates a 160-acre parcel, and is in the processes of securing a state license to grow medical marijuana.  Brian is also the owner of other businesses that operate throughout the Bay Area, and currently employ over 100 people in various communities.

Jose Pecho, Community Outreach Director

Jose was raised in San Francisco and proudly graduated from Mission High School in 1977.  Jose volunteers and serves on the boards of various civic, community and business organizations, serving in high executive leadership positions and currently is a Director for the San Francisco Unified Lions Club, as well as a Director for the San Francisco Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce. He proudly served as Chairman for the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), Region 8, Northern California from 2004-2010 and advocated on social justice issues affecting the underserved ethnic minority communities in Northern California.  As a cannabis advocate, Jose has had several brain injuries stemming from the removal of a sizeable brain tumor in 1993. He has benefitted from the use of cannabis replacing very strong prescribed seizure and pain medications allowing normalcy in his day to day life.

Jose brings extensive joint venture capital experience with expertise in acquisitions, operations, dispositions, as well as debt placement for investment grade and income producing commercial real estate with tax sensitive exit strategies.

Safety and Security Plan

La Corona Wellness Center is committed to providing our patients and staff with a safe and secure setting. As part of our execution of this commitment, we’ve developed a comprehensive and facility-specific security plan, which includes the following:

  • A comprehensive Risk Identification, Mitigation and Response Protocol.
  • A state of the art video surveillance system electronically monitored and recorded twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by contracted security professionals. This system utilizes 15 conspicuously placed video cameras to provide a highly visible deterrent, while protecting the interior and exterior of the facility. The system automatically records all activity to a digital server for future viewing as needed.
  • A state of the art security alarm system, incorporating door and window sensors, fixed/remote panic switches and twenty-four hour, seven day a week live monitoring by contracted outside security professionals.
  • A state of the art card key system, programed for specific staff access to authorized areas of the facility. The issuance of card keys to each staff person ensures electronic access only to authorized secure areas, while providing digital evidence of the cards use for future review. Deactivation of the card keys is immediate, when authorized by facility management.
  • A hand-held radio system ensures constant communications between management, staff and security personnel.
  • An industrial-grade safe, with access allowed only to the ED or his Assistant, for product and cash storage. Proposed model is the 1,481 lb. “Commander” model from Cannon Safe Co.
  • A Security Director assigned to oversee a staff of two security team members with training specific to the special needs of our patients and staff. The security team may be equipped with non-lethal implements and incorporate non-confrontational, high profile techniques to deter robbery, theft and disturbances.

Our Commitment

  • La Corona Wellness Center will provide culturally-sensitive services and highest quality medical cannabis products to patients in the surrounding Mission/Bernal community.
  • Its service plan includes job training for Mission residents, support for at-risk patients, and contributions to other non-profit organizations who address larger community wellness issues.
  • Transforming a bar environment into a freshly redesigned facility that offers an attractive range of wellness options will bring new economic life to a block that has been badly damaged by a recent fire.
  • Our comprehensive security program and practices will deter potential incidents, and increase sidewalk safety and civility

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3326 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

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