3 Little-Known Strains Worth Discovering

Durban Poison

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: African

Why it’s underrated: Strains like Durban Poison, are landrace strains and are hard to find. They often even are faked. So a great many people have less-enjoyable-than-average experiences with a strain they thought was something it wasn’t. Durban Poison is a fantastic pure sativa that many people, including myself, loved at first smoke, definitely check out Durban Poison again if it didn’t wow you the first time around—it may have been a fakie.

Apple Jack

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Jack Herer, White Widow

Why it’s underrated: Apple Jack’s blend of two well-known cuts (Jack Herer x White Widow) which come together as something greater than the sum of its parts. Apple Jack’s initially clear-headed high relieves stress while elevating the mind and encouraging creativity. The happy effects and accessible THC concentration make it a friendly flower for consumers of all potency levels. And even though its flavor doesn’t always live up the name, Apple Jack’s sweet, earthy terpene profile still offers satisfying flavors alongside a productive buzz.

Chocolope Kush

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Chocolope, Kosher Kush

Why it’s underrated: How can a marriage of superstars like Chocolope and Kosher Kush possibly be bad? With superstar parent strains like that it’s hard to believe this isn’t a more well-known strain.

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