7 12, 2016

Negative Online Review – What Should I Do?

Question: “I addressed a negative complaint from a feedback form and still received a negative online review. What should I do now?”


  • Call the customer – an email may not be enough or may not be read.
  • After solving the issue that triggered the negative review ask the customer if they are willing to revise their review.
  • If you can’t resolve it, or if the customer is not willing to amend the review then leave a “business comment” if the review was posted online. Everyone will see your response, this will tell other customers that you are engaged and that you care.

If the review was received via MagicRating you can also choose not to show the review on your website.


7 12, 2016

Negative Feedback – What Should I Do?

Question: “I have been been proactively asking customers for feedback after they buy from me or visit. I have lots of happy customers but I just received negative feedback. What should I do now?”


Consider this: if you hadn’t asked, you never would have known there was an issue. Now you actually have a chance to talk with this customer and make it right.

This customer may have never come back again, or even worse, may have left you a negative online review on Google+, Yelp or Facebook.

But now, you have a chance to make it right and keep your customer.

In our experience, over 90% of negative feedback results from a simple misunderstanding that can easily be fixed. Customers want to be listened to. They want to know you care and are willing to help them.

So here’s what you should do:

1) Contact your customer immediately. By phone and email if you can. The system has already asked them “what you could have done” to make things better. Read their comments and connect with them.

2) Address the issue for the customer if it makes sense. Most of the time just talking it through with the customer will resolve the issue. In some cases, you may want to offer a “token” of appreciation to your customer, like a discount on a future treatment or something equivalent to make them feel special.

3) Confirm with your customer that everything has been addressed to their satisfaction.

Walking through these steps will usually help you save this customer. And in many cases we’ve seen these customers become some of your most vocal promoters!

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7 12, 2016

Positive Feedback – What Should I Do?

Question: “I’ve been asking customers for feedback, and it is starting to roll in. Some of the responses are really uplifting – I didn’t even know your customers felt that way! But what should you do when you receive it?”



One of the great things about proactively asking for and tracking feedback is that it helps you identify your best, happiest customers. Many times, these people are your best advocates – and they are telling their family and friends about you.

The value of these customers is unlimited – not only will they come back to you time and time again with new business, they will also recommend you to others!

By using MagicRating, an automated customizable “Thank You” email will have already gone out to the customer, but it is a good idea to identify your most loyal customers and make sure they know you appreciate them.

Here are a few suggestions on what you could do for them in addition to having MagicRating send out a Thank You email:

1- Send them a hand-written thank you note

2- Send them a discount or a coupon

3- Invite them to a special event

4- Ask them to vote on a favorite charity and make a donation

5- Ask if they would be willing to be profiled

If the customer left you a positive “Online Review” make sure to comment on the review with a personal “Thank you”. Not all review sites allow you to do this. But Yelp, for example, allows you to comment on any review as the Business Owner.

7 12, 2016

What are the SEO Advantages of Using MagicRating?

This post provides as shortened list of key SEO benefits and advantages when using MagicRating to request customer feedback and testimonials.

1) Unique Content – That you don’t even have to write!

Search Engines “crawl” your website on a regular basis checking for updates and new content. Having fresh and additional content such as user generated reviews increases the amount of content that is indexed for your business in search results. In other words the more content you have the better your chances of potential customers finding you.

2) Search Engine results for “Your Business Name + Reviews”

Between 60 and 70% of all consumers and potential customers first check online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Which means potential customers search for words such as “ratings, reviews, testimonials” in association with your business name. Not ranking or having results for those searches may mean you are missing out on new customers.

3) Star Rating showing in organic search results – Visual advantage over your competitors

MagicRating formats reviews and testimonials on your website using Rich Snippets (Schema.org Review format). Doing so not only assures that search engines index your content as original content, but even better – it lets search engines know that those are “reviews”.

4) Long Tail Keywords – You may have not thought about yourself

User created reviews often contain powerful long tail targets and keyword phrases. Those consist of 3 or more words. Having varied content is proven to increase rankings; plus searchers are likely to input those same or similar phrases in locating relevant results.

5) Google is ranking websites with reviews higher.

Google’s ranking algorithm is increasingly looking for reviews. Currently reviews make up about 7 to 10% of the overall ranking factors consisting of website. citations and local information and links. Even at a conservative 7% – No business can afford to miss out on reviews anymore.

7 12, 2016

10 Tips for Getting the most of MagicRating

Getting the most out of MagicRating

  1. Be sure that you have entered all of your business information and reviewed the communications that go to your clients. Applies to Email and Pages
  2. Add/Upload business accounts emails as well as personal account email to GFS – business accounts seem to have a higher response rate.
  3. Upload a high quality Logo and Banner to your email template and feedback page.
  4. Update the mail list in MagicRating with current emails – the more current the better the response rate.
  5. Update the mail list at least once a month or more regularly if you have at least 25 new emails. – keeping the flow going works best for getting more feedback and more reviews as you are reaching out to your most recent clients.
  6. If the customer doesn’t respond to the first automated emails from MagicRating, manually re-email them after 30 days and perhaps at 90 days
  7. Volume is critical. Having at least 25 new emails a month seems like a minimum. Better with more.

After feedback

  1. When negative feedback comes in, follow up with client immediately.
  2. When you do get positive reviews follow up with the client.

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