The following screenshots show the difference of the Magic Rating Testimonials Widget embedded in a website with or without PHP.

Please contact your hosting providers tech support if you need help enabling PHP for your webpage.

(Screenshot of the Testimonials Widget as seen on a Website)

(Screenshot using “View Source” or “Page Source” without PHP enabled on a website.)

(Screenshot using “View Source” or “Page Source” with PHP enabled on a website.)

ProTip 1:
If your page ends with “.html”, simply try renaming the page to end with “.php”. This will likely solve the issue. Contact your hosting providers tech support for help if needed.

ProTip 2:
Alternatively to renaming the file from .html to .php – you can make a change in your .htaccess file to parse all HTML files as PHP. Please check with your hosting providers tech support. And see here for an example.

ProTip 3:
If your site is build in Joomla you can use a (free) PHP Extension. Please do a Google search for “Joomla PHP Extension”.

ProTip 4:
If your site is build in ASP (Microsoft .Net) you will be able to see the widget. However, no Markup will be added. ASP/.NET sites will not be able to execute PHP. Consider switching to Apache/Linux server.

ProTip 5:
Make sure to test your Site using Google’s Rich Snippet Testing tool – here is how to.