When should you ask for a review or testimonial?

This is a great question.  The answers depends on whom you ask.

Let’s look at two different situations:

  1. A patient is in your office for a follow up visit after having a procedure.  Ask for a review during the checkout process.
  2. A past patient whom you have performed a surgery or procedure for in the past who is not in your office.  You simply have his/her email address.  Send an email asking for feedback and a testimonial.

As you can see, this depends on whom you are looking to ask, a current patient or a past patient.

MagicRating has a solution for both of these situations.  

Our Kiosk Mode allows you to capture patient feedback and testimonials from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer in the office during checkout and this only takes the patient about 1 minute to complete.  

Patient Review Software

Next, during the done for you setup process with MagicRating, we will upload your past patient email list to the system and MagicRating will begin to send feedback requests to your list in small batches.

Both of these methods are extremely effective and the results that practices are seeing are tremendous.

We are offering a 30 Day Free Trail Risk Free right now to allow you to try MagicRating with no strings attached.  We are confident that you will love it and you will love the results you see right away.